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Be our guest.

Want to be on a show?

If you're doing something appropriate (informative, inspirational, or otherwise worthy of attention), about which you can speak clearly and interestingly, we can include you (with a feature and/or interview) in one or more shows.


You don't need to come to us, as we can record your input by phone/Skype/etcetera.

And you may already have suitable content (podcast, audiobook, video, etcetera) from which the audio may be edited for re-use.

Alternatively… if you don't want to appear personally, we can instead simply script & produce a feature from a press release or other info.

And the money?

We don't accept paid placement, so there's no charge.

And, as this is an excellent way of getting business-building attention you literally couldn't get elsewhere, we probably won't pay you either.


If you're curious or serious about guesting on a show, contact us and let's talk.

And, if appropriate, consider hosting your own show.