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Host your own show.

If you're a Network Marketer, you can have your own on-air show(s).

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'Let a thousand voices bloom…'

It's important to us that many shows are hosted by NMers.

So we've done our best to make this simple, effective, and inexpensive… a good way to promote yourself.


You don't need experience, or specialist equipment.

We provide content… show segments (news, reviews, features, interviews with experts, etcetera), from which you can choose and compile your show(s).

Or you can use your own content (which can be recorded from a home/office/external location, with a basic computer/tablet/phone).

And of course, we sort the tech-stuff.

We'll work with you, providing full support. If required, we'll handle it all and compile entire shows (at minimal extra cost).

The advantage is clear…

  • It's simple to have a show.
  • You get content which you probably couldn't get, or for which the cost would be prohibitive.


Should you? Hell, yes.

'Hear my show on Upline Radio' is a good way to promote yourself.

Being a host will enhance your credibility, directly helping you develop better relationships with prospects, customers and others.

It's business-building attention you literally can't get elsewhere.


We'll always keep pricing as low as we're able. Right now, you can get on-air for just $50 (that gets you 10 x one-hour shows).

Although that's a discounted introductory offer, longer-term pricing will always be affordable and good value.

(And there's an option where we might pay you to be on-air.)


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