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Program suggestions?

Suggest stuff for programs.

We're happy to consider whatever's appropriate.

Options include:

  • Audio: You may already own appropriate content (podcast, audiobook, video, etcetera) from which the audio can be grabbed and edited.
  • Text: Maybe you've written something which can be audiotized (is that even a real word?).
  • Drive-by: Perhaps you've seen something-somewhere (video, audio, text) of somebody-else's which you think is suitable.
  • Idea: Thought of a topic which you think'll make a good show?

And, if you have the voice for it, you can become a reader/narrator here too… voicing your own stuff and/or others'.

So if you have something in mind, please say.

What's in it for you?

Potentially (but probably not), 'fame and fortune'.

Seriously, we'll provide appropriate credit and pay a fair rate for anything we use.

Unsure about something? Ask.