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Updates & perspective.

'Explain almost everything…'

Here's 6 snippets about what we're doing (and the thinking behind it).

(Site issues and pending-fixes have their own page.)

It's authentic and transparent, but rarely crisp and focused.

If you've questions about what's here, or there's something you want to see covered, ask. Meantime…

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(2 minute read.)

'Maybe.' A few words about what we're building.

While 'John Milton Fogg' is familiar to many in NM, I happily remain relatively unknown.

Although most of my work has been with conventional business, J and I have on-off-on worked together since 98, during which we've become friends.

With age, we've both mellowed somewhat, and are no longer prone to the fiery fall-outs we experienced years ago.

We've considered how this project might develop, and although it has to be financially viable, 'profit' isn't the main consideration.



(1 minute read.)

The name is a nod to the past.

I've been asked how we chose the name.

It's a direct reference to Upline magazine, co-founded by John, and which throughout the '90s was a popular and respected source of Network Marketing advice & support.

Here's a brief look-back…


Remake, remodel.

(Less than a minute to read.)

For re-launch, things are different and improved.

Since this project became back-burnered, we've changed various things and now have something better.

Because much of the previously on-site info had become irrelevant or inappropriate, to reduce potential confusion I've removed the notes which had been here.


Simple. Understate.

(1 minute read.)

Simple and under-stated, with no hype.

'Less of this, and none of that…' we've deliberately chosen a very low-key approach.

It's all very dialed-down: a total absence of hype, and hopefully nothing too-salesy.



(2 minute read.)

What, how, and why. Etcetera.

With any business there's always useful-to-know things which don't get fully covered in the main flow, and for which another mention along with some elaboration and explanation is helpful.

So, with an informal tone, that's what we'll do here… adding detail and perspective to what we're doing.


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